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Model C Malt Grist Mill, an advanced milling equipment, which is characteristic of compact structure, high efficiency and good effect, its pneumatic conveyor can protect the milling roller from being damaged. It can mill in different ways and is suitable for different filters, manual or automatic operation is very easy.
1. Dry milling. The machine can mill the malt into very fine particles and is fit in with filtering with pressure filter. The wort output reaches 100%
2. Moist milling. The malt is moistened before entering into the mill. The degree of milling can be adjusted at any time according to the saccharifying process. The wheat shell is fractured but not tattered. In this way, a good filtering layer can be created. Moist milling is fit in with filtering with filter-tank. The wort output reaches 98.5% or higher.
3. Green milling. Through moist milling, the wheat shell can be separated from the milled mixture. The wheat shell will not join saccharifying process, in this way, the leaching of hurmful substance from the wheat shell is avoided and the bitter and puckery taste, the color and the dry from the wheat shell can be removed from beer. The quality of the beer is greatly improved. Green milling is fit in with filtering with filter-tank or pressure filter. The wort output reaches 98% or higher.

Model: HD JMF3.2  0

capability: 3200 kg/ hour
Motor: 11KW ;
Air pressure: 6  10 bar
oscillation frequency: 434 times / minute
weight :1690 kg
Brand Name
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 - 40 days
Model Number
JMF3.2  0
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
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