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Product name: Mangiferin
Extract place: Mango leaves
Effective ingredient: Mangiferin
Product property: Light yellow powder
Product specification: HPLC 80%,90%
[M. F. & M. W. ] C 19 H 18 O 11 ; 422.33
CAS NO. 4773-96-0
Structural Formula:

Summarize: Mango produce mainly in India, Indonesia, Southeast Asian and Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan province of China etc. area. In Guangxi Baise area, it has greatly plant, and was called ten thousand acres garden. This product has cool character, taste acid and sweet, after some institutes research indicated that it has not only contains Mangiferin, but also some other ingredients. Mango leaves is the dry leaves of Mangifera indica L. , character and taste are acid, sweet, cool, calm, it has a function of smooth to the body. And can use for treat of heat stagnant bellyache, flatulence, malnutrition of children, wasting-thirst etc. symptom. In folk, people use it to treat cough. Clinic testify that it has effectiveness on cough and expectoration which is caused by bronchitis, and also have effective on preventing asthma to some extend. Mango leaves also the main material on producing Mango cough drop.

Main efficacy:
1. relieve a cough, has a adjunctive therapy function to cough and expectoration asthma;
2. reducing fever function
3. tonify the heart, diuresis, anti- melancholy, anti-inflammation, anti-virus function.
4. has an obviously lipotropism overoxidation and protect cerebral nerve cell function.
5. has an obviously improve erythrocyte catalase energy and reduce erythrocyte hemoglobin function.

Packaging: In cardboard drum,25Kg/drum