Sell manufacturer of automotive shock absorber

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1. Working cylinder is made of cold-drawn high-precision seamless steel tube; reserve tube is made of high strength cold-rolled steel tube.
2. Piston rod is made of high quality cold-drawn round steel. Surface smooth finish can reach Ra 0.04 (GB) and outer diameter precision can reach 0.01 mm through micro-processing, intensive grinding, hard chroming and polishing.
3. High wear-resisting and compression-resisting quality oil seal, which can pass 6 million times endurance test.
4. Strict quality assurance system and fully computer-aided indicating pre-test to assure that each unit can achieve perfect performance.
5. All-weather lubricating oil, which has excellent performance of anti-bubble, anti-oxidation and viscosity.
6. Surface paint is environment-friendly and corrosion-resisting, which can endure 700 hours
salt-spray test.
7. Advanced shock absorber performance testing equipment, multi-purpose testing machine, dual-vibration endurance tester, etc.