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We hope very much that you will allow us to serve you as your marketing headquarters. We will give you the best marketing money can buy.

Just imagine every time we come to a town to race we bring our race car and semi with your name on them and sign autographs and meet your customers. All of our races are televised with your name on the car. We will have billboards with the car and semi in the towns where the races are with your name displayed. We also set up for childrens charitable events and Christian organizations where your name will be. You will also be on our website front and center where all of our fans visit.

Racing is now the largest sport in the world. All of those race fans have the need for your products. We will use your products and we would convince the racing world to use them as well. We would also be open to any commercials, events or advertising needs you have.

We also could set up a racing package for your employees where the employee of the week would get free tickets and a pass to come to the pits with their family and meet the drivers. This works very well with employee morale. We would also have a corporate package for your management to see races. This would be an awesome opportunity for all of us. You would be getting in on the ground floor of what is going to be the biggest racing team and marketing opportunity on this earth.