Sell massage bathtub, jacuzzi, whirlpool bathtub

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1) Material: ABS
2) Main components:
a) 1pc 1.5hp whirlpool pump
b) 13pcs small nozzles (brass)
c) 4pcs chrome plated big nozzles
d) 1pc electricity leakage protector
e) 1pc computer control panel with radio
f) 1pc multifunctional handheld shower
g) 1pc water intake
h) 1pc change over switch
i) 1pc cold and hot switch
j) 1pc water circulation (brass)
k) 2pcs headrests
l) 2pcs speakers
m) 1pc drainer
n) 1pc apron
3) Option components:
a) 1pc heater
b) 1pc thermostatic mixer
c) 1pc colorful underwater light
d) 1pc LED color changing underwater light (new)
1,800 x 1,200 x 660mm
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15 days
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