Sell massage belt with LCD and magnets

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Description: Vibration Belt Massager
Model: NEK-1001
Function 1. High frequency vibration massage, which promote blood circulation and prevent pains and aches on your back and neck etc; 2. Remove various flecks and resume the smoothness of skin; 3. Remove the beer belly and reduce fatigue and improve health; 4. Promote the development of galactophore and bring you charming breast; 5. Strengthen the vitality of the whole body; 6. The magnetic stone can generates magnetic lines to improve the cells activity and improves the micro circulation.It helps to make the skin smooth, lustrous and elastic.

Features:1) With 5 motors and 5 health magnets2) With 6 massage modes, including "Rotate", "Scratch", "Knead", "Beat", "Shiatsu" and "Roll"3) With LCD numeral indicator 4) Output power: DC 12V, 550mA5) With auto timing function6) With 12 - 15h charging time7) Sweats away fat by high frequent massage

Technological Parameters Voltage: a. c12V Power: 10W Carton Size: 59.5W48W47cm Qty/ctn: 25PCS