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Color Box: 40X9X14cm
CARTON: 82X38X30cm
INTRODUCTION: 8:100 over-powerful magnetic wave and ooze them out of the body,
80 percent fat can be removed if you stick to it, it is the combination of the advanced scientific technology with the principles of losing weight, it uses the infrared ray given off by the over-magnetic wave to permeate to the subcutaneous tissue of the body fat, it can make the fat motion directly and pass through the muscles and skin to 4-7 cm deep, resolve effectively and remove the rest fat in the body, which is the most ideal way to lose weight for the fat women and beer-bellied males.
FUNCTION: * Remove surplus grease in stomach, waist, thigh
* Remove pregnant stripes, variegated stripes, recover fine skin
* Remove beer stomach
* Stimulate breast nerve network, make breast firm and powerful
* Produce healthy magnetic field, increase cell motion power
eliminate tire and pain of muscles, make skin fine and elastic
* Make your body healthy and thin

CHARACTERISTIC: * With 5 vibrators & 7 over-powerful magnets
* Timing function including 8 gears from 5-40 minutes persents
8 massages functions
* Safety and electricity-saving, it can be connected with 110V 220V power or with batteries
Length of TL-2001B:140CM.

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