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Product Description
1, The remote controller which is simple-looking in style makes a convenient use. The control panel is equipped with VFD display device with image reminding function which helps you be clear at a glance.
2, The graceful streamline shape design, live colors, humanization design and environmental-friendly materials.
3, This product is equipped with the up-down movement, four-wheel driven massage mechanism with muted voice design.
4, Automatically check the upper-body massage points, shoulder position check and adjustment.
5, Programmed 9 kinds of traditional classic massage functions to imitate the human's hands sense:
Kneading, knocking, flapping, shiatsu, stretching,
synchronous kneading and knocking, pressing, heat treatment and vibrating.
6, Designed with 3 auto massage functions for the upper body.
7, In the manual massage mode, the massage functions all can be selected and the intensity, speed, width and position all can be adjusted.
8, Designed with air pressure massage function of the lower body (35 air bags are equipped inside) , there are 6 modes.
9, MP3 music function:The back mechanism massage speed and vibration intensity are changed along with the frequency of the music.
10, Backrest and foot rest ascending and descending function.
11, Equipped with a jade heater in which 5 helium-neon bulbs use 5 jades as infrared emitter, the temp can be adjusted between 40:C--70:C.
12, 15 minutes auto timer function.
13, Automatically restoration function when turn off the machine.

CE RoHS certificate
Voltage: AC220V~240V 50HZ
Can also been AC110-120V 50HZ or 60HZ
Power: 170W -240W
Rated time: 15Minutes
Safety Rating: I
1, DVD player 2, MP3 music 3, Jade heater
4, Arm bag 5, Arm bag nip
6, Backrest and seat cushion heater
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