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Our luxurious massage chair has the following functions:
1. S-curved back frame imitates human bodys shape; four-roller massage structure design makes you feel even more comfortable;
2. Equipped with body-shape detection function delivers a massage that personalized for users of different body height;
3. Programmed with kneading, rolling, tapping, knocking and other over ten mixed massage patterns on head, neck, back, waist and hips can stimulate acupuncture points and eliminate tiredness;
4. Designed with 6pcs air bags in seat and 22pcs air bags in the calf which can do pulse squeezing massage on legs and feet;
5. Arm massage function can be moved back and forth;
6. Programmed with air pressure massage;
7. Equipped with duo remote control. Big advanced VFD control makes the operation much easier and more convenient;
8. Backrest and legrest can be adjusted by electric actuator to any ideal angle between 1050and 1700;
9. Flexible extended or retracted footrest within 20cm length is personalized for users with different body height;
10. Designed with muted mechanical transmission and 24V safe internal circuit, which brings you peace;
11. Internal installed MP3 decoder, which can play music from U-disk, SD card, and MMC card.