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1. This product is equipped with a set of four-wheel driven intelligentized massage mechanism which can move upward and downward with muted voice design.
2. Automatically check the upper body massage points, shoulder position check and adjustment.
3. Designed with shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking and synchronous kneading & tapping emulational massage modes.
4. Designed with special massage functions: relax, pressure-relieve, body-built
5. Designed with auto massage functions for the upper body (shoulder and waist two options)
6. Designed with manual massage functions for the upper body (fixed points, partial, overall, shoulder, back and waist six position options with five massage methods and five speed options, under the state of tapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width of the massage mechanism could be adjusted in three levels of wide, medium and narrow; under the state of partial and fixed points in the back, the massage mechanism could be moved upward and downward to reach different massage points)
7. Designed with air pressure massage functions of the lower body (33 air bags are equipped inside) , there are three modes and two intensities options
8. Designed with arm air pressure massage function
9. Designed with vibration massage functions (there are three strength options for the buttock)
10. Equipped with VFD chromatic displayer; Equipped with MP3 player, earphone and mini tea table.
11. Backrest heating function; Sole heating function;
12. Three massage state memory functions;
13. Lying angle adjustment function; Foot rest and backrest could be ascended and descended freely.
14. Automatically sitting up function of the chair and automatically recovering function of the backrest mechanism when turning off the machine.
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10000 units per month
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187*70.5*63.5 meter
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FOB Ningbo
100 kg