Sell massage chair

massage chair
DY-S001 massage chair function
1. This product is designed with a four-wheel driven muted massage mechanism which can move up and down in the backrest and thirty-two airbags inside. Fashionable and classic modeling, adjustable back and calves support.
2. It provides four artificial massage functions of Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, vibration and kneading flapping synchronous, and designed urgent stop bottons.
3. Ajust the sit gesture automatically when boot-strap, reposition automatically when turning off. According to the height of human body, it can check and measure the area of machine hand massage. Also can be adjust by your hand.
4. Provides six kinds of emulational massage functions of shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading and flapping, and vibrating and four mode of air massage , including the entire body, the shoulder and neck, the back and waist , lower body , music simultaneous massage and way as stated in the Chinese medicine massage theory.
5. Manual mode: It can independently or combine the methods of massage act. Five levels of speed respectively. Under the massage modes of flapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two massage hands is adjustable with three levels of wide, middle and narrow. The massage hands are vertically and accurately movable to fit your position in the state of the fixed back stretch.
6. Width of massage: Under manual mode flapping and Shiatsu, it could freely ajust the width of massage wheels.
7. Air massage : Designed shoulder, buttock, thigh , calf parts, sole(parenthesis vibration) and hand massage, have two levels of intensity moved.
8. Fitting up three groups to vibrate the massage (back, buttocks, leg) , but the independence or the union massage with two levels of intensity.
9. Musics synchronization massage: Provides the high nurtures stereophonic earphones, the MP3player and the U plate, may voluntarily download the song, established stopped, the broadcast, on a tune, the next tune, the volume control, a synchronized feeling adjustment, the massage technique changes according to the music rhythmic variation.
10. Thermo therapies jades are diaphanous, by the cave jade took the far infrared launch source, the temperature may adjust (50 0 -750) . (Chooses support)
11. The function to heat up seats, it can be switched independently. (Chooses support)
12. Manually controlled provides the large screen liquid crystal seven colored tablets.
Appendix: the vibrates waistband, the small solid wooden table board. (Chooses support)