Sell massage cushion

massage cushion
introduction of the main control panel:
1. There are six suits of vibra-massager which are rational laid on the shoulder, waist, leg and other parts, allocated with the heater function on buttocks. It adopts the operational way of three buttons to open and close the cushion.

2. Heat button, press this button to open or close the function of thermotherapy, press it one time to open the function , another press to close the function; if it works together with the massage function , then please timing it works with the massage function, if worked separately the heat function will work with any time limited.

3. Power button, press this button to open and close the power.

4. Mode button, press this button to adjust the eight different working mode.

1 Tie the cushion to the chair, to prevent them from crumpling.

2 Connect the adapter to the main power, then press the power button to put the cushion into working mode.

3 If you need the heat function please press the heat button to open the function, to press this button again will close the function.

4 If you need different mode of massage mode, press this button to change the mode , there are eight modes for selection, one press will change to one mode.

5 Please press the power button to turn off the power, and pull the adapter away from the power to avoid the possible damage.

Other allocation:

1. Adapter (12v,1000Ma) 1pcs

2. Operation Illustration 1pcs