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Adopt the newly high technology of computer and traditional Chinese medicine message theory, and according to the ergonomics and the people's customs of works and daily lives, this product combines the crumple, pound, press of fingers, roll and scrape of the traditional massage together. It can not only provide you with the pleasant feeling of the massage, but also cure many kinds of diseases caused by obstructed blood circulation through simulating the circulation. *Kneading the acupuncture points of the body and stimulating the arteries and veins*Facilitate the circulation of blood, improve look*Smooth away the pains in the loins and back and relive the fatigue*Adjust the metabolism and come to the equilibrium*Cure the neurasthenia and relive the nervousness
*Adopt the newly high technology of computer, and combines the crumple, pound, pressing of fingers, roll and scrape of the traditional massage together. *Eight massage methods, five vibrators and ten groups of magnets. *There are two different time ( 15 & 30 minutes) optionally*Color-changing LED can display clearly the massage position*The imported micro-computer is more durable and quiet. *Efficient electricity consumption:0.02kilowatt-hour.
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