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Automatic touch style operation, it suitable for each part of the body which need to be relaxe.
1. massage every points of the body and stimulate the veins
2. improve the blood circulation
3. smooth away the pains in the loins and back and relieve the fatigue
4. adjust the metabolism and come to the equilibrium
1. carry-home construction, convenience, practicality, it is your necessity in your home, office, travel and etc.
2. it is unnecessary for the other power supply, only 2pcs large-size dry battery, anytime anyplace is ok to use
3. safety and electricity saving, you could use 6 hours continuously for 2pcs large-size dry battery.
Usage Introduction:
1. it is used for 2pcs(1.5v) large-size dry battery
2. you only open the outer leather zip, put the battery into the battery box, the battery size is upturned
3. Close the zip, touch the pillow, it will begin to work automatically