Sell massages piece of Magnetic

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Patented product: " sunshine, coast" massages piece of Magnetic
This product according by traditional Chinese medicine theories with modern medical science Magnetic the applied principle designs, manufacturing, Is complete not poisonous environmental protection product. By step the special design and have the magnetic goose egg stone, Stimulate the acupuncture points glint area naturally. Once and again, Expel to accumulate in the toxin in, attain the purpose of the strongly built and strong body.
Increase high, Hairdressing, Reduce weight, Quiet mind, Divided by the disease, strong body, benefit life, help to sleep
The bottom enhances with the antiskid design, And enjoy the massage at the same time, Provides the thoughtful protection for your family.
The convenient barn swallow tail slot connects with each other the design apts to put together to pack, Wash. Can spread to put as one's pleases in the veranda, bathroom room, living room hallway, den and garden etc. position.
Color diversification, there is green pale blue, powder, egg yolk, pink, jet-black, milk white six kinds of basic colors.
Assuredness is essential health care in modern families good products. Also is the best choice of the friends and relatives of Presenting
Group welfare.
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