Sell matrix decoding card 1708MD

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Hardware Compression Matrix Decoding Card 1708MD

16 channel CIF or 8 channel of D1 decoding
8 channel video and 8 channel audio output
Support complete series of HighEasy brand DVR card, DVR, DVS to decode on screens

1, Video decoding function, matrix output, picture composion function.
2, Single DSP chip could decode 4 channel CIF,2 CIF image, or 2 channel D1 image. Support 2 channel video outputting.
3, 1708MD support up to 16 channel CIF realtime decoding and 8 channel TV video output;1702MD supports up to 4 channel CIF realtime decoding and 2 channel TV video output.
4, Single PC supports 4 pieces of 1708MD matrix decoding cards, and supports at most 64 channel realtime decoding, at most 32 channel video output.
5, HighEasy brand matrix decoding card supports working with encoding cards inseted:8XXX series/170XHC /1716HS/170xHF/series of encoding cards.
6, Realtime decoding could output on display card and TV, decoding audio and video synchronously.
7, Could decompress all the files made by HighEasy brand DVR card, DVR, DVS.
8, Decoding image could output over DSP on different complex video output terminal over DSP. But by reason of PCI bus brandwidth limit, Please try your best not to output over DSP

Ambient parameter
Ambient temperature -100~+500
Working humidity 10%~90%RH
Dimension 1708MD 170W94mm2 1702MD 99W170mm2
Power consumption 1708MD <=22 W 1702MD <=6W

Details of function
Video Input
Support the video files from encoding cards or video files decoded by Matrix Decoding cards. ( local file or realtime media stream transportation)
Video Output
Support picture division, each channel of video output can be divided into 64 windows at most. Each video input resource could be displayed on any window of any channel of 1708MD card; Video matrix output could be shifted by unit of window (or by unit of channel) ; Video output in PAL or NTSC pattern.
Audio Output
Each 1708MD supports 8 channel audio output, each 1702MD supports 2 channel audio output
Control Matrix
For all encoding cards and 170xMC cards in one PC, each encoding channel and each decoding channel in 170xMD decoding card, could display the video of its own channel on any window of any channel of a 170xMD matrix decoding card.

Control Decoding
Support synchronous display of monitor and PC screen. Support local and network file play, Support audio volume adjustment, Supply statistical parameter of played files: total time, total frames, present frame number, present time etc.
Support capturing images during playing or during playing storing certain period files as new files.
The following act could be supported:play, stop, pause, fast play, slow play, zoom in or out, silent, position etc.
Encrypt on board, Safety class up to meet finance requirement, unique identity card No. is supplied.

Support for product application and development
Could combine a digital video matrix with HighEasy brand video and audio encoding cards.
Could be inserted into same PC with HighEasy brand video and audio encoding cards.
Could also compose a single network matrix alone.

Decoding product types supported: All series of DVR cards, embedded DVR, DVS etc.
Complete SDK development package, DEMO and resource code are supplied.
Support Windows 2000/XP/2003
Brand Name
HighEasy /HiEasy
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