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XDB-90P"Dorsal Seal Style Automatic Pocket Spring Machine" accumulates the experience of manufaturing pocket spring machines for many years and it has experienced the 3-yeas replacement with newer products. The XDB-90P Dorsal Pocket Spring Machine introduced this year is the representative among the dorsal types, which means highter efficiency, higher stability and higher performance.

XDB-90P Specification
Techniacl Data
Spring type Barrel&Cylindrical Fabric roll Diameterh Max.600mm
Spring diameterh h30-h80mm Maximum output 5spings/minute
Spring height 50-200mm Power supply 3h380v 50/60Hz 3.8kVa
Wire gaugeh 1.0-2.5mm Air consumption 92/h 0.8mpa
Fabric rolls width Max.540mm Operative temperature 00C - +400C
Fabric material 50-100g/ Weight(approx) 2130kg

Spring diameter choice
DS h30-h45mm
DM h45-h65mm
DL h65-h80mm
Spring height choice
HSL 50-100mm
HL 100-160mm
HM 120-180mm
HT 140-200mm