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Our corporation holds advanced manufacturing equipments, precise testing and detection center, strict quality detection system. Our main products include all kinds of standard and nonstandard expanding-close cover, synchronous belt wheel, chain wheel, conical socket, bevel gear, rack, roller chain etc; our production history for all kinds of standard chain wheel and synchronous belt wheel has exceeded 15 years. Now our all drive member products have exported to foreign countries; we have developed into a group company including a complete system from raw material supply and production process to checking and packaging, storage and transportation; we also are the largest drive member production base in west of China.
The quality of our products is best , the price is lower, and our service is best, we have different kinds of measuring tools, they include stainless steel ruler , vernier caliper , digital caliper , dial caliper, outside micrometer, digital micrometer, dial height , height caliper, digital height, gauge and so on.