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Mechanical engraving CNC system

1. Lathe bed adopted strong welded steel tube to avoid distortion.
2. Y axis adopted double motor to keep stable moving.
3. High accuracy Rack Rail travel method with high speed.
4. Imported Square Liner Rail, high accuracy, heavy burthen
5. Advanced international technology vacuum with double cavity
6. Humanization Design of lathe bed vacuum and T-slot with clamps as well and easy working
7. Intelligent protecting working table.

Parameter List
Model ME-960 ME-1212 ME-1218 ME-1224
X, Y axis working area 900mmW600mm 1200mmW1200mm 1200mmW1800mm 1200mmW2400mm
Z axis working area <100mm <100mm <100mm <200mm
Table size 1150mmW700mm 1340mmW1720mm 1340mmW2020mm
Max. speed 0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Max. working speed 0 ~ 3,000mm/min
Working delicacy 0.02mm
Reposition accuracy 0.05mm
Max. Feeding height 110mm
Engraving Command G code *, u00 *, mmg *, plt
Software Type 3 software, WenTai software; Artcam software
Manner off receiving data USB
Max. Power consumption 2.2KW
Spindle 1.5KW variable speed
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Work type Stepper
Working voltage AC 220v,50-60HZ
Memory 32M
Running temperature 0-45 centigrade
Relative Humidity 30%-75%
Options HSD2.0kw; 3.5kw; 4.5 KW; 6.0KW, Rotary Axis, Multi-Spindles