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JINLING-01 Multifunctional Anesthesia Unit
Composition & Features
1, Anesthesia apparatus: Equipped with 2 vaporizers namely Enflurane and Isoflurane, which can be used alternatively, with temperature control, flow and pressure compensation; 4-tube flow meter; O2- N2O interlock with high precision; integrated circuit system; power cutout protection device; rechargeable battery back up 2 hours after mains supply having been cut.
2, Ventilator: Gas driven electrically controlled, time switch, volume constant and pressure restriction.
3, Monitor: Large screen LCD display, microcomputer control, multi-functional respiration monitor, monitoring tidal volume, ventilatory volume, gas-feeding pressure, airway pressure, respiratory frequency, etc.
4, Safety device: Alarm upon power having been cut; N2O is cut off automatically if O2 is insufficient; alarm upon the excess of upper & lower airway pressure limit and ventilatory volume.
5, It can be assembled with ECG monitor and Monitor for O2 concentration, and can select vaporizers to assemble.