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Meidcla Gas Alarm System
Gas alarm system used for monitoring the gas pressure. When the gas pipeline pressure above or below the set value, the alarm system will alert timely. And indicate the people to examine and check.

Gas alarm system was installed on the electric manometer of pipeline for Contact trigger. When the pressure is lower or higher than a certain value, the manometer guide will touched the corresponding contact, thereby activating the alarm system.

When a certain pipe gas was alarmed, the buzzer (installed at the Shell) will be issued an alarm report, Meanwhile a corresponding indicator light flashes on the panel. When the gas pressure is higher than the set value, the above red warning light flashes; When the gas pressure is below a set value, the below yellow light will flash; When the pressure was normal, the green light is illume.
When the alarm occurred, the operator can press the "pause" button, the system stop hoot, but still flashing warning. It was not until the resumption of normal pressure. If the gas pressure still has not been restored to normal within 20 minutes, the system will again hoot. Reminding the staff examine and check.

The "test" button on the system panel is used for the various units of gas detection and alarm function to work or normal.

The contact trigger of electric manometers can set maximum and minimum under specific circumstances.

The maximum gas alarm system can install seven pipe gas alarm signals; users can close some of their gas signal. The alarm device can be installed auxiliary alarm device, the main and auxiliary alarm device connected through 485 signals.