Sell medical lift/elevator

medical lift/elevator
The medical use elevators of Scrop are able to meet different equirements of a hospital from all sides. It adopts advanced driving and control system the same as the passenger elevators and can satisfy the needs of different purposes.

The advantageous performances
Accurate open´╝ć shut control
The open device adopts the variable frequency control methods
The frequency converter can precisely control the open/shut speed of the car door to the greatest extent. In this way, it is much safer for passengers.
The cozy and quiet atmosphere
It pursues the coziness of the passengers. It has bright and elegant ceiling design, rich varieties of the internal car wall colous for your choice.
Stable and smooth running
The motor parts adopt VVVF frequency converter control system to accurately control the motor speed, in this way , it further lowers down the tractor niose.
The highly reliable decentralized
The lift adopts the decentralized control system which jointly execuntes the decentralized control by mutli-microcomputers, The high performance of micro-computers have been installed in the machine room, car, COP (car operation pane) and elevator hall display. It can accurately and promptly control the rapidly-changing information. The communication between various microcomputers employs the serial transmission means. The microcomputer has detection function towards the communication lines, in this way, it greatly enhances the system reliability.