Sell melamine powder 99.8%

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Application: It is mainly used to make melamine for maldehyde resin, and it can be used as bond for wooden products and in coating, as fireproofing agent in construction material, as additive in cement. And in plastics for mould, papermaking, leather processing, and textile, medicine, pesticide etc, it can also be widely used.


1, Molecular Formula: C3N6H6
2, Property: White crystal powder
4, Quality standard: GB/T9567-1997
6, Packing: In plastic woven bags of 25/500/1000kgs net each

Quality Standard: China National standard GB9567-97
Content(sublimation) : 99.8% min.
Moisture: 0.10% max.
Ash: 0.03% max.
PH Value: 7.5-9.5
Colour(APHA) : 20 max.
Haze(bolus alba) degree: 20 max.
Aspect: White crystalline aspect
Quality Standard: China National standard GB9567-97