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Melamine is white crystal powder, it can dissolve in glycerine, pyridine, heat ethylene glycol, acetic acid and formaldehyde. It is difficult soluble in the ether, benzene and tetrachloromethane. It will sublimate when heated, heated slongly it will decomposite.

Melamine is kind of important organic chemical middle product. It condenses with formaldehyde to produce the formaldehyde resin (melamine resin) , and owns the advantages of unharmful, heatproof, antiaging, high luster, good insulation and widely used in the fields of
plastic processing and wood working, is also the chemical raw material of coating, papermaking, textile, paints and leather processing industry.
Usage: Mainly used to produce melamine-formaldehyde resin. It also could be used fordecorating plates, amino-plastic, coherent agent, intensifier of paper currency, textile assistant, water-saving agent of cement and leather tanning agent, etc.
Packaging:25kg bag, 500kg bag, 1000kg bag, compound knitting bags of Kraft paper bags and also can be packed according to clients' requirement.
Storage:It should be kept dry, shored in cool and well ventilated place, avoiding to be stored andtransported with acid and oxidant togehter.
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