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For more than 20 years, our "Tian Fu" brand melamine has been distributed to countries all of the world.
Molecular:C3N6H6 Molecular weight:126.12
SpecificationsQuality grade
AppearanceWhite powder
Purity>= 99.8 %
Moisture<= 0.1%
Ash <= 0.03 %
PH value 7.5~9.5
Turbidity(kaolin) <=20
Color(Pt-Co) <=20
PACKING:25kg P. P. woven bag with P. E. inner bag or 500kg/1,000kg P. P. /P. E. woven bag.

Melamine is kind of important organic chemical middle product. It condenses with formaldehyde to produce the formaldehyde resin (melamine resin) , and owns the advantages of unharmful, heat- resisting, anti-aging, high lustre, good insulation and widely used in the fields of plastic processing and wood working, is also the chemical raw material of coating, papermaking, textile, paints and leather processing industry.
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