Sell melt pressure sensor, melt pressure transducer

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Applying to pressure measuring and controlling in vacuum, air-pressure liquid level, food, medical service and so on.

1. Capacity Range: -100~0KPa, 0~1KPa, 0~10KPa-5MPa
2. Comprehensive Precision: 0.1%FS, 0.2%FS , 0.3%FS, 0.5%FS, 1.0%FS
3. Output Signal: 4~20mA;1~5V; 0~5V; 0~10V
4. Use Temp Range: -10~80-1500
5. Excitation Voltage: 24V (9~36) V
6. Sstability: 0.1%F. S/year
7. Burden Resistance:
* Electric Current output: <=800(Ohms),
* Voltage output : >=50K(Ohms)
8. Insulation Resistance: >=2000M(Ohms) 100VDC
9. Effection of vibration: On 20HZ-1KHZ of mechanical shake, output <= 0.1%F. S
10. Defend Grade: IP68
11. Thread connection: M20W15 and also designed for customers' requirements.