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PP series is constructed of micro pore polypropylene media and non-woven or silk net support. Adapters are welded with cartridges without using glue, so there are no problems of release to cause second pollution.

High surface area design provides superior flow rates and high dirt holding capacity.
Low pressure drop, long service lifespan.
Using 100% virgin polypropylene media with extensive applications.
Wide micron rating range.

Micron retention rating: : 0.15m\0.225m\0.455m\15m\35m\55m\105m\205m\305m\505m
Length: 5"\10"\20"\30"\40"
Diameter: OD # 69mm\ID # 28mm
Filtration area: 0.50-0.70 squl-meters
Maximum recommended operating temperature: <80: C, at 0.1Mpa
Maximum recommended differential pressure: 0.3Mpa\50: C
Recommended maximum change out pressure drop: 0.28Mpa\25: C
Maximum steam temperature: 120: C per half hour

1. Electronic industry: Chemical products and pure water
2. Security filter for reverse osmosis
3. Food & beverage industry: Mineral water, wines and fruit juice etc
4. Medicine industry: Drug liquid, gases etc
5. Chemical industry: Organic solvent etc
6. Petroleum industry: Oil-field flooding
7. Fine filtration for variety of gas
8. Much finer pre-filtration
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50000 pcs per month
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10,20,30,40 inches
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15 days
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