Sell membrane switch/ poly dome

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Both polyester dome (poly dome) and metal dome arrays can achieve a tactile feel with a short travel and high actuation forces. They can be assembled with silicone rubber keypad or IMD (in mold decoration) parts and become a compact unit to reach a lighter smaller and thinner effects

Characteristic: Best feature of this product is light, thin and compact design. We can choose silver on carbon printing for contact point in poly dome design. We can also adopt metal dome design to ensure a good tactile of effect.


1) A Replaceable and Upgrade parts from older rubber contact type switch

2) Improve a click feel, change to polyester film with heat source, in place of dullness rubber contact

3) View of mass production is not to so excellent but the cost is in a low level

4) Easily confront face each other than variable of mechanical condition

5) Only use for one layer PCB and a low price of model

Main application: Information application products, remote control, telecommunication equipment, OA equipment, household appliance, medical instruments, measuring instruments, toys. . . . etc.

Poly dome can be divided into three basic types:

One, Basic Structure Layer , Two, Assembled with PCB , Three, Assembled with EL

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