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Memory pillow A
Item no. EZ303-1
Specification : 48cm*74cm

Filling with 1350 gauss permanent magnets, Far infrared fiber , Negative ion fiber , Mineral jade ion power , High-elasticity Pearl cotton .

The memory pillow is adopted far infrared , negative ion , magnetism , color , mineral jade ion 5 kinds of physical therapies, especially mineral jade ion contains more than ten 10 kinds of beneficial microelement to the human body such as Gold , silver , zinc , iron , magnesium , etc.

Zinc element can regulate the energy metabolize, maintenance the immune function of human body, promote child's intelligence development, give protection against cancer , defend old and feeble function strengthening memory lopsidedly , has the effect to prevent cancer, prevent abnormality, prevent caducity and strengthen memory.

The microelement of the jade ion is sucked to human body through the skin, can balance the negative and positive blood, keep healthy and get rid of illness to human body.
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