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Time to hit the surf! These comfortable surf shorts are perfect to wear on the beach, at the pool, while surfing or sailing, or even walking along the beach shops. These board shorts go down to around the knee area, depending on how long your legs are.
Boardshorts are a style of men's and, recently, women's swimwear that have long been associated with such aquatic sports as surfing and wakeboarding but have grown in popularity outside of these sports in recent years. The name of "boardshorts" likely originates from their affiliation with aquatic sports that use a board, such as suring. They are sometimes called "boardies" in slang, especially in Australia.
Use and design
Boardshorts are designed to be quick-drying and are generally made from a soft, smooth polyester or nylon material. They are durable and hold up to wear from contact with a surfboard, yet are comfortable and light-weight.
Boardshorts are normally longer than the common trunks, shorts, or form-fitting styles swimwear and sometimes have a baggy appearance. They extend to the knee area or slightly above it in length. Many designs feature vibrant colorful patterns, Hawaiian floral images and highlighted stitching, however not all boardshorts have these designs.
Boardshorts are especially popular in North America and became very popular outside of board sports especially as the skater punk fashion trend got underway. They are less popular in other parts of the world where other suit styles are preferred.
Although the basic boardshort design remains largely the same, some manufactures have taken advantage of new technology. Because surfers and other water-sports enthusiasts commonly wear boardshorts without underwear, one of the major complaints has been about the use of velcro for the fly closure which tends to entangle body hair. A solution that some manufactures have come up with is to use a neoprene fly, which does not allow the fly to completely open, but provides enough stretch so that the shorts can be easily pulled on and off. Body hair does not get caught on the neoprene fly. To remedy another common complaint, about boardshorts stitching in the inseam area which would rub directly against the wearer's skin, many manufacturers switched to a seamless design, or use welding or glue, rather than stitches. Many boardshorts designs also utilize a light, net-like material stitched to the inside of the shorts that is designed to be a substitute for underwear. However, this underwear imitation is often very itchy and restrictive of movement. Some boardshorts wearers prefer to not have this aspect of the boardshorts present, so they remove it for added comfort and mobility. Some wearers prefer to wear boxers or other undergarments under the boardshorts.
Almost all swimsuit manufacturers and many designer brands now produce boardshorts.
About Trunks
Trunks are a type of men's swimwear style. They resemble shorts and cover from the waist to the mid-upper leg. Trunks are normally shorter than boardshorts, which extend to the knees. Trunks are the most popular type of male swimsuit in North Amercia. They vary in style and design, though most are made of nylon with a mesh lining for quick drying.
A trunk is also a type of men's underwear similar to boxer briefs. Like boxer briefs, trunks cover the mid-section of the body (hence the name "trunk") . They are usually form-fitting like briefs, but some styles are loose fitting like boxer shorts. Trunk briefs extend over the legs like boxer shorts. Trunk briefs have a shorter inseam than regular boxer briefs, covering only the upper thighs and resting below the true waist.
Trunks are also the outfit worn by many professional wrestlers.
Preshrunk and will soften after washing.
Machine wash in cold. No bleach. tumble dry on low.
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