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Methyl tin mercaptide Heat Stabilizer (called 181 for short) is currently the plastic heat stabilizer with the most excellent performance, which is very effective for the rolling, extrusion, and injection molding of hard PVC. Due to its high safety, it is especially applicable to food packing and hard PVC products (such as transparent fake materials, plate materials and heat contracting membranes) .
Product features
1. High heat stability
Through certification of international authoritative organization, among organic stannum heat stabilizing agents, Methyl tin mercaptide has the highest heat stability and the best early dyeing property.
2. Minimum quantity of material
In the same effect, the quantity of LH-181 is less than butyl tin, octyl tin by 15-20%.
3. Reliable safety
LH-181 can be used for food-packing material.
4. High performances of the products
PVC product using LH-181 is good in transparency, pure in color. The smell is little and can disappear quickly. Whats more, it can rarely been extracted by water and alcohol and so on.
Technical indexes
Designation of index Index Value
Appearance Oily Transparent Liquid
Color (Pt-Co Value) 50 max
Viscosity (20 Pa. S) 0.020-0.080
Density (20 g/ml) 1.170-1.190
tin content(%) 19.0 min

1. PVC rolling transparent hard flake, porcelain white flake, transparent film
2. PVC thermal shrinkage packing membrane, printing membrane
3. PVC granule materials
4. PVC water tube material & pipe, profile shapes
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