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CX280B Mines Detector

Mines Detector

Introduction of the product:
LZ280 mines detector is used to detect all kinds of iron ore and ferromagnetic objects such as kinds of pipes
RC pipes and so on. Also it is used to explore oil, colliery, etc.

Basic features:
*It is very firm and easy to maintain
*It has a strong ability of anti-disturbance
*It can equalize and calibrate temperature
*It is of high technology and easy to carry and operate
*Customers can analyze the detecting results in the computer
*It has a large reserves witch can store data as large as 80000 points
*It can automatically protract diagrams and display the lode cutaway view
*It is of high resolving power, high accuracy, wide measure area and steady performance
*It can be connected to computers so that the relative data will be transmitted to the computer