Sell metal plate cement resistor

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Metal Plate Cement Resistor ( MPC )

1 Instead of printing color codes on the resistors, we mark our logo, production date, resistor value and wattage to the surface of the resistor, so it is easy to read and is traceable
MPC 70 2W 0.1~1.0 ohm
MPC 76 2W 0.01~0.05 ohm
MPC 78 2W 0.01~1.0 ohm
MPC 71 5W 0.10~1.0 ohm
MPC 75 5W 0.01~0.08 ohm
MPC 722 10W 0.10~0.47 ohm

3 Certificate:ISO certificate, " Green Partner " certificate from SONY
Pls visit our website to konw detailed SPEC


Compact type with safety design of nonflammability and insulation.
Low resistance and resilient to surge current.
Low inductance.