Sell metal stamping service

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Our main services focus on metal stamping, metal welding, tube bending or relating metal fabrications. at Jianan metal stamping, our metal fabrication is enhaced with many secondary operations like bending, wedling, cutting, tapping, assembly, and all kinds of surface treatment. With competitive price and high quality, Jiaan metal stamping and welding service is your first choice for your metal processing request.

Whatever how many parts you would like to purchase, how small the quantity is, we can find unique metal stamping solution for you.

At Jiaan metal stamping, we can offer 20 sets of different stamping or punching presses, ranging from 16 tons to 160 tons stamping capacities. After getting the parts by stamping, we can take use of our welding, bending, lathe machine to assembly finish products you really want. all these services from metal stamping to assembly are offered at very competitive prices.

Metal Welding and tube bending services are also our strength. we have 20 sets of different welding machines to join all kinds of parts or hardwares together. welding include arc and gas welding. at the same time, we have two sets of CNC tube bending machines. tube bending and pipe accessary can be made by us.

Now, we have produce many kinds of stamping parts, welding parts, and tube bending service to many customers.80% of our customers are in Euopean markets, American markets, we hope we can become your one stop shop for your metal stamping parts, welding parts.