Sell metallized film ( for BOPP/BOPET film capacitors)

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metallized film ( for BOPP/BOPET film capacitors)

1. Property
1.1 Advantages
Better electrical conductivity, compared with Zn/Al film
Considerable good self-healing performance
Good performance of anti-air-corrosion. Convenience for reserve and long storage time
1.2 Disadvantage
1.2.1 higher capacitance loss than Al/Zn film
1.2.2 coated lay is very thin, so metallikon is difficult.
1.2.3 In time of metal spraying, alumina will increase the resistivity.
2. Application
Applied to capacitors for power system, refrigerators, air conditioners and so on.
3. Construction type
4. Specification
item unit nominal value
roll mm roll diameter inner diameter 75
outer diameter 150300(The specific diameters can be customized. )
thickness 5m 4567891012
widthWmargin value mm 6X1.5 8X1.5 10X1 10X1.5 20X1
14X1.5 15X1.5 7X2.5 9.5X2.5 5.5X2.5
12X2.5 10X2.5 15X2.5 12X3 9.5X3
30X1.5 7.5X1.5 18X1.5 28X1.5 20X1.5
23X1.5 60X5 7X1 8X1 12X1
15X1 25X1 30X1 7X1.5 12X1.5
25X1.5 35X1.5 10X2 15X2 12.5X1.5
5X2.5 10X2.5 15X2.5 20X2.5 25X2.5
30X2.5 35X2.5 37.5X2.5 40X2.5 45X2.5
50X2.5 55X2.5 60X2.5 65X2.5 65X2.5 70X2.5
75X2.5 80X2.5 85X2.5 90X2.5 95X2.5
100X2.5 115X2.5 120X2.5 125X2.5 13s0X2.5