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Mica is a thermal stable insulating material in the welding-rod coatings industries and also used in caulking compounds, lubricants, greases, dry-powder fire extinguishers, as a thin coating on rubber surfaces to overcome tackiness and sticking, In exterior house paints reduces running and sagging, and improves weatherability. The addition of mica to all types of sealers for porous surfaces (such as wallboard, masonry, and concrete blocks) greatly reduces penetration and improves holdout. The inclusion of mica in road and highway paints improves wearability, gives good adhesion, and reduces flaking and cracking, also used to coat wallpaper because it imparts an attractive silky or pearly luster, used predominantly in paint, plastics and rubber.
We can supply muscovite, phlogopite, sericite, biotite and mica powder.