Sell microfine graphite powder for forging lubricants

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By advanced and unique milling technology, natural flake graphite is grinded to ultra-fine powder. We can control the particle size distribution and carbon content. The fixed carbon is from 90% to 99.9%, and the particle size is adjustable, from 2 micron to 18 micron at D50.

Key features:
Stability & strength at high temperatures (up to 3200oC) ;
High conductivity of solid;
Low coefficient of thermal expansion;
Good electrical conductivity;
High resistance to erosion;
Good machinability;
Low friction, self-lubricating ability;
High adsorption of gases and vapours

The microfine/ultra fine graphite is used as
1) additive in welding flux;
2) water base forging lubricant;
3) solid lubricant, blending with MoS2, Pb, Sn, Be, added to sinter friction materials;
4) additive in coating;
5) essential component of welding rods and high duty refractory bricks;
6) coloring agent which can produce low friction exterior surfaces;
7) heat-spreading stuffing; thermal conductor;
8) conductive agent in Alkaline battery.
Brand Name
Available Colors
grey shine
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Minimum Order Quantity
500 kg
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T/T in advance