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WBY-10B Digital Contrast Microscope
1. The total magnification of optical visual observation: 4X-216X
2. Eyepiece:10X ,20X
3. Objective:0.7-4.5X continuous adjustable, low power objective0.4X
4. Viewing field: View-field diameter: x4mm-64mm, may change left or right view-field, superimposed view-field and split view-field by computer or manual control.
5. Working distance: 95mm
6. Illumination: 12V 50W air-cooled strong light source, x10mm optic fiber
7. Ocular and CCD can observe synchronously.
8. Object stage: The two object stages may controlled by computer or manual control, upward-downward of left or right object stage's three-dimensional movement, two stage's synchronous movement and stage surface's horizontal rotation.