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The microspherical graphite is made from natural graphite flakes with high quality by andvanced grinding technology. Its shape is spherical or like potato under microscope. This grade graphite has low specific surface area(SET) and very high tap density. The tap density is above 1.0g/cc, while the SSA(BET) is from 3.5-8m2/g. The particle size is from 8 micron to 35 micron at D50.

Because of its high crystalline structure and high purity, Mircospherical Graphite is mainly used as
1) bi-polar plates of fuel battery;
2) electrical conductive agent in carbon brush;
3) pore former in ceramic membrane;
4) heat-spreading materials;
5) filler for carbon and resin composite materials;
6) other electric storage applications such as electric double layer capacitors.
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