Sell mid-molecular weight Polyisobutylene

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mid-molecular polyisobutylene is a kind of transparent and it is a colorless to light yellow, it is odorless or has a slight, characteristic odor, and tasteless.

food grade,
1. Chewing Gum: Polyisobutylene can be mixed with paraffin and resin for improving the quality of the chewing gum, making chewing gum more soft and stable with good hydrophobicity and excellent membrane performance.
2. Food Grade Adhesive Agent : Polyisobutylene can be mixed with various adhesive agent, taking the effect of adhesion and modification. As it has hydrophobicity, when mixed with hydrophilic substances, it can low toxic substance absorbance and high temperature stability, and adjust hardness and anti-bacterium performance.

industry grade
1. Sealant: Polyisobutylene is the same with manufacture each kind of sealant to improve the products'flexility and penetrability.
2. Rubber: Polyisobutylene mixed with natural rubber and synthetic rubber ensures higher workability, addition of adhesion, and prevention of aging or cracking, improvement in resistance to water, electric insulation and resistance to ozone at normal and high temperatures.
3. Paraffin: Polyisobutylene mixed with paraffin can increase anti-draught ability and brittleness of paraffin , especially can improve the plasticity and anti-acid ability of the freezing food packaging.
4. Print Ink: Used as thickener and dispersant in polyethylene rotogravure print ink and add viscidity of print ink , prevent drying and splitting.
5. Lubricate Grease: Adding polyisobutylene to lubricate grease can improve the products' viscidity and ability of anti pressure.
6. Changing the character of macromolecule material, draught damp grease and etc.

We supply polyisobutylene with the viscosity average molecular weight from 30000 to 70000, capable to meet various demands of customers.