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Miglitol is an oral anti-diabetic drug that acts by inhibiting the ability of the patient to breakdown complex carbohydrates into glucose. It is primarily used in diabetes mellitus type 2 for establishing greater glycemic control by preventing the digestion of carbohydrates (such as disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides) into monosaccharides which can be absorbed by the body.
CAS Reg. No. 72432-03-2
Appearance:White powder
Melting range 142~147 0
pH value:7.0~8.5
Related substances:Max. single impurity <= 0.5% ; Total impurities <= 1.0%
Assay >=98.5%
Therapeutic Category :Antidiabetic ( (Alpha) -glucosidase inhibitor )
Quality Standard:In House
Package Size:5kg /drum , 25kg /drum
Storage:Store in an airtight container
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1 gram