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TGM system super -pressure trapeziform mill.

I Product Introduction
Chinese patented product with international advanced technical leve----TGM system super -pressure trapeziform mill. It is our company expert on the basis of product application experience for a long time, According to the 8216 users of grinder' use ness and suggestion. Concentrated on studies and innovated the most new-type milling machine designed on the basis of the thing that the original high pressure hangs the roller to rub. This model adopts ladder-shaped working range, flexibility to joined, rubs the roller to move such patented technologies of five mills as pressurization, etc. in succession, allocate at odds with the community or the leadership air-introduced machine of energy-efficient, thus is it hang roller milling machine mount world to be most high-level to make.
This patent upgrades the content as follows:
1 Can is it crush ladder of efficiency competent to rub roller and rub ring to improve. Will rub the ladder form of the diameter different from rubbing the ring to design of the roller into several sections with great top and small bottom, is it is it rub roller and rub speed of gliding of supplies under ring to enter to reduce, lengthen to roll time supplies, therefore has improved the result of crushing.
2 Can get up the pressurization spring with pressurized balance. Rub a symmetrical one roller is it is it stay to bind with spring that level put through pull rod to become always, is it wave as heavy pieces of supplies one rub roller when becoming always, radial its strength can pass give to rub through spring pull rod roller always become balance symmetrical piece to carry. And original high pressure hangs roller radial strength produced to rub spread give main shaft totally, influence main shaft and life span of bearing.
3 Can play the elasticity on function of steady shock attenuation to bind. Will select the powder machine to bind through odd shock-absorbing springs and host computers, will lead and seal with flexibility and then, therefore has lightened vibration and noise, has avoided the resonance.
4 Can improve and select the powder precision and high density of the output to select the powder machine impeller. Practice indicate, in case of not changing in rotational speed, improve density of blade can raise detailed degree of finished product, in other words, regard as product detailed degree need situation that change, high density impeller constant low density impeller low in rotational speed, therefore increased the output after reducing air current obstruction.
5 Worthy of using the at odds with the community or the leadership air-introduced machine of energy-efficient. Frank blade that is it use to worthy of outdated efficiency of air blower 62% only on thunder is it rub to cover with, and impeller and blade press for mould energy-conserving efficiency of air-introduced machine of shaping 83%.
6 The convenient and swift impeller is adjusted and fitted. Select powder machine blade between tip and interval size of shell influence the detailed degree of finished product too, patented technology this is it adjust convenient and swift in size interval this to make.
II Application
This machine is main used for metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mine powder, mineral products of supplies rub and process mainly, but the powder rubs the quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, bolognas stone, fluorite, tombarthite, marble, pottery, bauxite, manganese mine, iron ore, copper mine, phosphorus ore, oxidizing the iron oxide red, zirconium sand, ore of Great Britain, Cement grog, active charcoal, Bai YunShi, granite, sub stone of the pomegranate, iron oxide rust yellow, soya-bean cake , chemical fertilizer , compound fertilizer , fly ash , bituminous coal , coking coal , brown coal , water chestnut beautiful sand , oxidize chromium green , gold mine , red mud , clay, Kaolin, coke, gangue, porcelain clay , Lan JingShi, fluorite , alta-mud, wheat and meal stone, hyalite , muddy green rock , leaf cured rock , purple sandstone , change rock , basalt , gypsum , graphite , carborundum , heat insulator hardness don't in 9, processing of the humidity in various kinds of non- flammable , non- explosive mineral products supplies of 6%.
III Main technical parameters
TGM3221 TGM4124 TGM4427
Quantity of grinding roller(piece) 4 5 6
Grinding diameter Wheight(mm) 320W210 410W240 440W270
Grinding roller, diameterW height(mm) 980W210 1280W240 1600W270
Rotation speed of the main frame(r/min) 130 103 82
Max. Feeding size(mm) <25 <30 <35
Product fineness(mm) 1.6 ~0.045最 细 可 达0.038 1.6 ~0.045最 细 可 达0.038 1.6 ~0.045最 细 可 达0.038
Capacity(t/h) 4-8 6-11 9-21
Overall dimension(mm) 9910W5365W8310 7910W7000W9645 12550W5700W8355
Total weight(t) 16 26.1 35

Note: Every parameter and if appearance have change, in accordance with going along with operation instructions for accurate when delivering

High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill
The machine is on purpose to grind the barite, limestone, ceram and slags, etc. below 9.3Mohs hardness and 6% humidity, 280 odd sorts of non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff in the trades of mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering and processing. The product size is adjustable in the range of 80-425 mesh.