mineral water pot

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Mineral Water Purifier Pot
Package Size: 30*3O*23cm, , 33*33*52cm Total Volume: 15L, 22L Product gross weight: 3kgs, 5.3kgs Water Flow: 200-300ml/min Filter Core: Ceramic filter, Coconut activated carbon, Ion exchange resin, Mineral sand , Bio- ceramic ball. Functio....

Mineral Water Pot
Item: Mineral Water Pot Item: Mineral Water Pot Model No: MWP-3-A Packing Size: 11.4*11.4*19.3cm Total Volume: 20L Gross Weight: 5.0kgs Total filtering volumes: 2000L Output Rate: >10L/H Filter Core: Ceramic, active carbon, Medical st....

Mineral Water Pot
(1) with ceramic and five stage filter. (2) the material of filter cartridge: Coconut carbon for removes chlorine, organic chemicals, unpleasant odors, colors and acid component and improve taste; specially made mineralizing balls; positive-ion ex....

latest mineral water pot
1. Streamlined and contemporary design 2. Micro-hole ceramic filter 3. Granule active coconut shell carbon cartridge 4. Ion exchange resin and the high-quality natural material 5. Softening water quality 6. Removing chlorine, chemicals, ba....

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1. RO water purifier. We own all the plastic and metal moulds, also injection is finished by ourselves. All the parts are assembled in advanced product line. All the products have to be test one by one on test line. The test data includes voltage,....

offer micro-hole ceramic filter
well fixed with all the mineral water pot. good appearance. Ceramic thinkness:10-12mm. Min micro hole diameter:0.06 micron
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water purifier
model no. :SG-20 capacity:20L water mineral pot with ceramic core and 5 stage filter
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