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This dashboard car digital video recorder records road conditions, and can be hooked up to an in-car TFT LCD screen for simultaneous viewing or playback. The DVR has an SD/MMC card slot support memory card from 128MB to 2GB.
1. Installation
A. remove the accession of button seat , the base will be placed on the camera. , Let side of the camera with a fixed base hole cards corresponding hole cards, the screw cap will connect it . Adjusted accordingly perspective, and then a slight tightening screw cap (to adjust azimuth at a later stage) .
B. put off the double-sided adhesive, and then placed in its corresponding vehicle location (note not connected with the body) , Be repeated by laser lights come to be crucial to determine the approximate position of the recording (when press the laser searchlights switch, Red light of laser searchlights would just point the camera recorded shall be shown round the regional center) , adjust the base after compression. so close bond with the body.
C. At this time again adjust the camera angle, at the adjustment process, be repeated by the laser searchlights come to be crucial to accurately determine the position of the recording. After adjusting tightening screw cap, the installation completed.

2. Use
A. Switching planes : Fixed camera, long pressed the power key can be opened , Presse it again, then shutdown.
B. power supply: two ways
(1) 3*AAA batteries
(2) DC of 12v, Through links with the motor 12V power supply interface connected to a vehicle power , it will supply power.
C. Recording : open the power key, recording machines on, and then press the key to the recording could begin recording. At this time flashing beacons work that machines are recording images. Recording documents will be stored in SD/MMC card.

3. Output :
After recording programs , through AV-OUT link with the export terminal of TV or other link at this point, the recorded document will be broadcast on the TV screen.

Technolgy parameter:

1. SIZE320*240
2. power:220mA
3. SD/MMC card: 128MB-2GB
4. file format:AVI
5. Camera distance: infinitude far

Product icon and function:

1. key recording/broadca 2. laser searchlights key opening

3. power switch 4. fixed hold cards

5. laser searchlights 6. camera

7.12v DC power interface 8. AV-OUT

9. low power light 10. working light

11. SD/MMC clip insert 12. bettery cover
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