Sell mini combine harvester

mini combine harvester
4L-0.5 mini combine harvester is one of our well developed combine harvester, which is specially designed for paddy field to save labor work and to increase harvest efficiency, one driver and one assistant are required only. It is suitable for operations on paddy fields and dry fields in plain as well as hilly land.
With the advantages of low-cost, compact in size, light in weight, easy in handling, it has the features of simple maintenance and high mobility, it can easily move from field to field. There are two cutters installed in this harvester which owns the patent in China, the upper cutter is for cutting rice paddy, and the lower cutter is for cutting straw, both cutters are adjustable.
Coming from its reliable quality and the benefits of its economy and efficiency, now we have exported this combine harvester to many countries in Southeast Asia, and they are warmly welcomed by the local customers.