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Voltage: DC12V Only; AC110V/DC12V; AC230V/DC12V
Power consumption: AC MAX POWER:Cold mode:70W +/- 20%; Hot mode:65W +/- 20%
Cooling capacity: 20C-24C below ambient temperature +5C(set-point thermostat)
Heating capacity:+65C by set-point thermostat
HOT-OFF-COLD: Brushless motor for long life operation
Insulation: Solid CFC-free polyurethane foam
Select switch with LED indication for the functions

Non-wearing thermoelectrice(Peltier System)

Handle recess when not in use

Equipped with 2 pcs long life brushless motor(30,000 hours) , one for heat dissipation to out side the other for inside cooling/warming ventilation

With light inside, foods in the fridge can be seen in very dark environment

Cap.24 litres/Even 4 2litre Cans or even 30 355ml cans

AC/DC Version
Designed light and compact by electronic circuit as built-in Switching Power Supply; 2 ways of external power input; You can use in a car or indoors

some models ' pictures. . Brand name: PACO
Functions and characteristics of Thermoelectric cooler&warmer:

1, light weight and mini size portable anywhere you go.

2, Elegant appurtenance and flowing smooth outline with modern tincture.

3, Alternative cooling or heating (two in one ) just as you wish

4, Strong cooling /heating capability manage you food just easy in short time.

5, Big capacity allow you fill the most you wish.

6, Solid CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation just keep your safety and environment friendly.

7, AC/DC two ways of power supply , allows you use it at home or in car .

8, Different colors for choice suitable for every individual

9, Transparent/digital display just make you clear at a glance.
Brand Name
paco , OEM provideds
Supply Capacity
50000per month
UL, CE,GS, ISO , E13, CCC,
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Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
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paco,ligao ,
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