Sell mini truck

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We can supply the light truck(mini truck) which has the following advantages:- Competitive price
Compared with other similar prodcuts, it can save 10% to 20% for you.
- More Loading capacity
Complete riveting frame has good intensity and rigidity. The sub-frame and optimized reinforcing rear axle realize more loading capacity.
-Saving Fuel and More Economical
The whole truck is well equipped. Suitable wheelbase, starts easily and low fuel consumption. Compared with other similar products, it can save 1.5-2L fuel per 100km .
-Sufficient Power
It is equipped with high quality engine, large torque, stable performance, good for environmental protective, saving energy and better climbing ability.

-Safe and Reliable
The vacuum assisted brake controlling system and double-pipeline hydraulic brake technology make it more secure. The double-arm lifting is more powerful than the single-arm lifting. Change-section steel plate spring and bidirectional tubular damper realize smooth shifting and comfortable driving and riding.

-More Flexible
It has dazzling diamond-like headlamps, imitation peach-wood interior decoration, smooth figure and elegant appearance. Owing to its convenient manipulation, sufficient power and good acceleration, it can work for small project construction, highway maintenance, municipal environmental protection, rural water conservancy construction, moderate and short distance transportation, etc. Furthermore, it can be used as not only dump truck but also common carrier.