Sell mini underwater fishing light

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Underwater Fishing Lights for Halibut Fishing, or Deep Swordfish & Tuna Fishing. These are excellent lures to attract big game fish to your baited lines. Work great in Crab or Shrimp traps as well.

70L x 15mm max Dia.
Use 3pcs AG3 or LR41 button Cells
LED color:Red, Yellow, Blue, Green White
Flashing or no flashing for choice
Depth Rating 300 m / 985 ft
You can also use these lights for deep sea fishing, such as for Halibut. Put one of these lights down by your bait to help attract fish to your bait. Remember, you get down past about 100 feet deep, and it starts to get dark down there. Improve your fishing success by using light.

These also work great for Sabiki Jigs as the baitfish are attracted to the light!!!!

These are a LOT easier that bringing a generator, or auto battery to power your light!!!! LOTS cheaper than chemical lights too, especially if you use rechargeable batteries.