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GKD-65 midget circuit breaker is mainly suitable for overload and short circuit of
distribute circuit and equipment within the circuit of AC50HZ, rated voltage up to 400V,
current up to 63A. It can also be used for an unfrequent switchover of the circuit.

Environment conditions for operation:

1. Ambient temperature: 50 - +400; the average value within 24h shall not exceed +350.
2. Altitude of installation place shall not exceed 2000m.
3. Relative humidity at +400 shall not exceed 50%. Higher humidity is permissible at lower temperature condition.
When the highest monthly average relative humidity is 90% in the humiddest month, the lowest monthly average temperature of
this month is +250. And the influence of dew on product surface due to temperature changes should be taken into consideration.
4. Pollution grade: grade ii.
5. Installation types: type III.
6. Installation instruction: installed in terms of normal location. The inclination angle of fixing level and vertical
level should not bigger than +/- 5 0

Main technical parameter:

1. Feature of over current tripper
2. When the ambient temperature is 300--350, the over-current tripper feature should
in line with the characteristic of table 1.
3. Breaking capacity: complies with standard of IE60898, GB10963 and GB 10000A.
Supply Capacity
20000pcs per day
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