Sell mixing mill for rubber and plastic

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Type XK-150 XK-250 XK-300 XK-360 X(S) K-400 X(S) K-450 X(S) K-560
Working diameter of rolls (mm) 150 250 300 360 400 450 560
Working length of rolls (mm) 320 620 750 900 1000 1200 1530
Working linear speed of front roll(m/min) 8 15.1 15.1 16.25 18.65 24.5 27.7
Max gap (mm) 10 10 10 10 15 15 15

Notes Bearing Nylon bush grease LUB Copper sleeve oil LUB
This machine is used for mixing and kneading raw rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastics or EVA with chemicals into even materials. The evenmaterials can be fed to calender , hot presses or other processing machinery for making rubber or plastic products. It adopts hollow center groove roller or drilling hole smooth roller against difference using scope as mixing, refining or press pieces etc. This machine can be installed stock blender according to customers request to decrease the labor strength, also equipped with safety device.